Thursday, May 29, 2014

Four tips for picking your Wedding day Color

Color is both beautiful and complex. It can evoke the deepest of emotions without a single word-something that is especially powerful for your wedding day. Pops of bright color can create a feeling of jubilee, inducing exuberance, fun and joy in your guests.  While a monochromatic palette of whites and silver can create a feeling of formality, sophistication and elegance.

Picking and combining colors (or layering shades within a single color family) can be a fun exercise, too. With so many colors to choose from, how do you find the right color palette for your wedding day?

Here are four tips to help you get started:
  1. There are no rules. Sure, certain colors complement some better than others, but don't let any pre-established notions hinder you. Be open and think creatively by mixing and matching swatches of fabric to see what looks good together.
  2. Don't be afraid of rich, full hues. If you love deep burgundy, plum, or even papaya, by all means use them generously. If you adore lavender, give it oomph by layering lavender fabrics over deep violets and light lilacs. Then add another color, like mint green or chartreuse, as a contrast. This will give your lavender more dimension.
  3. Avoid stark white. It tends to look one-dimensional. (In fact, it is difficult for most brides to wear a stark white dress.) Softer ivories and eggshells are warmer colors which look much more flattering in photographs against flesh tones.
  4. Know your color families. There are three major families:
    • Full Colors- Include primary and secondary colors in strong, vivid hues such as red, blue, bright pink, magenta, purple, green and bright yellow.
    • Medium Colors-Less intense shades, including soft pink, lavender, peach, ocher, butterscotch and moonlight (light yellow).
    • Soft Colors-Very light, pale tones such as ivory, mushroom, white and champagne.
Mixing these color families can give a three-dimensional effect to your overall design concept. For flower arrangements, imagine creamy roses and how they will look with contrasting bright white roses, for example.

Above, play, play! Experimenting with what you love and throwing in a surprise color or two (perhaps Schiaparelli pink with red, black and white?) can create a new combination-and feeling-you may have never considered before.

Want more ideas? We've got em! Contact us and we'll be happy to sit down and talk about some ideas with you! Have some ideas of your own? We'd LOVE to hear them! Share some of your inspiration with us.



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