Friday, August 22, 2014

How To WOW Your Guests: Five The Tablescape Golden Rules

The tables are the center of the room . Here's how to wow guests when they walk in.

1. Follow the rule of three Every element of the decor must be repeated at least three times in order for it to "sink in." Stick to just a few elements to repeat throughout the decor, so guest will actually notice your hard work.

2. Dress up your escort cards People love to see their names(seriously- they never get sick of it!). So hiring a calligrapher to write guest's names on the escort cards will make them feel truly welcome.

3.  Do a test- drive If you put down a deposit, any reputable florist will make  you a sample centerpiece. Then have your planner borrow or rent a table setting and linens so you can see how everything looks together.

4. Talk to your caterer Ask what they'll be putting on the tables. For example, if there will be four glasses at each setting, guests won't see a low centerpiece. To avoid crowding the tables, ask the caterer to bring new ( and clear the old) utensils before each course.

5. Update your centerpiece You can totally change the look of flowers by placing them in a colored or uniquely shaped vessels. Surround centerpieces with votives candles for a inexpensive way to add extra light, which makes everything look better.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Real Love: For the Love of the Green Card

Last week I read a very interesting article on Huffington Post about a couple who married for a green card and for love as the post declared. What struck me most about what I was reading was the honesty that the writer wrote with. It also made me think of a close acquaintance that recently went through the same situation. My initial thoughts after reading the article were "are you crazy?" This is can't be true love, it just can't. But then again who am I to judge on how authentic this couples love is? Then I even thought about my own personal situation with my close friend, was I as supportive as I could’ve been or was I quick to jump up and judge what I thought their love should look like? I will admit working in the wedding industry in some ways taints your views of what love should be. You see so many storybook couples that you sometimes forget that love comes in many different ways and sometimes it’s fast and hard and other times it’s slow and steady. Whatever kind of love we receive we should really embrace it because in a world filled with so much uncertainty love always remains constant. So have you ever been in a situation such as this? If so please feel free to share, I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Popular Wedding Faux Pas: What Not To Say To Brides

Last week we shared with you a few wedding myths that we wanted to debunk! This week we wanted to visit a few wedding faux pas that seemingly happen in the ways we least expect it. Through our words! Sometimes when we're not going through the actual wedding planning process or we have never been married ourselves we can be a little insensitive to all hidden stress that comes with planning a wedding! This stress which usually falls on the shoulders of the bride and groom can make planning a wedding seem unbearable at times!! So below we have cultivated  a few things you shouldn't say to a bride or groom planning a wedding!

1. How much is your budget?
2. Do you have a rain site?
3. Did you lose that baby weight yet?
4. I have seen that idea done before, maybe you should do something else.
5. I'm in the wedding party why can't my plus one come to the rehearsal dinner?
6. I hate this bridesmaid dress, can we pick something else?
7. Why are you having your wedding  at that venue?
8. Why did you invite___________ to the wedding?
9. What size is you ring? It looks pretty small.
10. Your marrying him?

So we think you get the point there are just some questions that are best left unanswered! So leave them at the door.  Remember your job is to support the bride and groom!

Brides or Brides to be what's the most wackiest thing someone has said to you? Share in the comment section below!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Wedding Taboo's Debunked

Image Via

We totally get it, there are just some things that shouldn't be done at weddings but then there are a lot, we repeat A LOT of rules that are just plain ol' out of day and circa 1900 of never!  While we are somewhat traditional here we also understand the importance of creating new traditions that are important to both you and your groom! With that said we have come up with a few wedding taboos that are  just OK to break!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Inspiration Wednesdays: Wedding Backdrops

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If there's one thing we love it's an interesting backdrop for weddings! Whether it's a beautiful floral wall or a modern wall of wonders, backdrops are a great way to incorporate more of your personality into your wedding. Below are some of our favorite creative wedding backdrops for your viewing pleasure!

Purple Vineyard Wedding
Why not use paper flowers as a lovely backdrop for your wedding? We love the mix of purple, yellow and gold against this venue venue!

Style Me Pretty

Love photo booths? So do we ! Why not use a wooden screen for you and your guests to make wonderful photo ops!

Style Me Pretty
Using the outdoors as your backdrop is great but you can do even more by using flowers hanging from a nearby tree to add spice to your outdoor wedding!

We love balloons so why not add them as a backdrop for your first dance!

Paper Scroll

Write your favorite lyrics or your vows or a paper scroll!


Monday, August 4, 2014

The Morning After: How to have the Ultimate Bachelorette Party

Morning After

In addition to wearing a less-than-flattering chartreuse bridesmaid’s gown, you’ve been given the thankless task of throwing a bachelorette party (aka the stagette to you Canadian gals). Make it a memorable one with our must-have tips for planning the ultimate stagette.

Friday, August 1, 2014

We're Looking For Interns!

We have so much going on in our Richmond Studio! So much so that we are looking for new energy and support for our work! Interns play a key role in helping us further what we do as a company and in expanding our ability to fulfill our mission: to invest in marriages by throwing kick-ass events!

We have a need for three interns. The internships are all very different so please read through them and see if your skills and interests match our needs feel free to apply! We are accepting applications through August 15. Please title the subject of your emails with :Internship name -Your Name