Monday, August 11, 2014

Popular Wedding Faux Pas: What Not To Say To Brides

Last week we shared with you a few wedding myths that we wanted to debunk! This week we wanted to visit a few wedding faux pas that seemingly happen in the ways we least expect it. Through our words! Sometimes when we're not going through the actual wedding planning process or we have never been married ourselves we can be a little insensitive to all hidden stress that comes with planning a wedding! This stress which usually falls on the shoulders of the bride and groom can make planning a wedding seem unbearable at times!! So below we have cultivated  a few things you shouldn't say to a bride or groom planning a wedding!

1. How much is your budget?
2. Do you have a rain site?
3. Did you lose that baby weight yet?
4. I have seen that idea done before, maybe you should do something else.
5. I'm in the wedding party why can't my plus one come to the rehearsal dinner?
6. I hate this bridesmaid dress, can we pick something else?
7. Why are you having your wedding  at that venue?
8. Why did you invite___________ to the wedding?
9. What size is you ring? It looks pretty small.
10. Your marrying him?

So we think you get the point there are just some questions that are best left unanswered! So leave them at the door.  Remember your job is to support the bride and groom!

Brides or Brides to be what's the most wackiest thing someone has said to you? Share in the comment section below!

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