Friday, August 8, 2014

Wedding Taboo's Debunked

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We totally get it, there are just some things that shouldn't be done at weddings but then there are a lot, we repeat A LOT of rules that are just plain ol' out of day and circa 1900 of never!  While we are somewhat traditional here we also understand the importance of creating new traditions that are important to both you and your groom! With that said we have come up with a few wedding taboos that are  just OK to break!

Taboo #1 Guest DO NOT Wear White- Though most brides will opt for their guests, especially the women to not wear white this is a rule in our book that can be broken. Of course you must get the OK from the Bride and Groom about the dress code but if the bride doesn't mind wear white!

Taboo #2 Having a Kid Free Zone Wedding- There is nothing wrong with having an adult only wedding! This is your day and you have the right to say "no kiddies" at your wedding. Just make sure you are consistent in all your print materials stressing the fact that it is a kid free celebration.

Taboo #3 Having a Non-Traditional Wedding-Want to get hitched at the courthouse? Want to elope? That is you and your grooms choice! There is nothing wrong with doing it your way! Don't let the pressures of family and friends push you into a having a wedding you either don't want or more importantly a wedding you don't feel good about!

We hope we have debunked some of these wedding taboos for you! Have you heard of any crazy wedding taboos that you feel just need to be broken? Leave a comment below and share!

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