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Choosing The Right Wedding Venue

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Picking your venue is one of the most important decisions you can make in your wedding planning process. Once you answered all the basics like agreeing on your budget and picking a theme for you big day the next step in the process is finding the right venue. From the decor, to the timings of the day a majority of your decisions will be based on picking the right venue. 

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What Kind of Venue Do You Want?
Deciding your priorities for your venue will ultimately help you answer the question "what kind of venue do I want?" There are plenty of traditional venues that saturate the market like churches, hotels and beach houses. These venues come with a lot of perks like set packages and priority vendors that help make planning an ease. 

There are also plenty of non-traditional veunes like private beaches, an museums, boats and warehouses. Non traditional venues afford you the luxury more flexibility in your decor and your choice of  vendors galore! But it is important to remember that sometimes these non-traditional weddings are really blank canvases so creativity and  an open mind are a must. Things like tables, lighting and even food will have to be hired in. 

Questions to ponder
Once you narrow down what kind of venue you want, the fun part comes next! Researching potential venues in your area and going for a walk through. Start considering the following while your researching:
-How many guest do you want to invite? Can your venue hold your desired guest amount?
-Can you have both the ceremony and reception there?
-Is the venue close to hotels and/or can it accommodate guests?
-How does pricing work/ is there a minimum to spend or set packages?
- Is it available for your wedding date?
-Is catering available on site or is there an approved caters list?
- Can you hire outside vendors for things like lighting, tables and chairs if needed?
-Is  there parking?
-Are there samples menus you can look at and tasting sessions?
- How many staff member will be staffed on the day of ?
-What are your bar options/ can you supply you own beverages?
- Can candles be used?
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Once you have everything narrowed down you  can begin to visit the venues. Be prepared for busy weekends! While visiting be sure to pay attention to small details, like where the bathrooms are, if there are plenty of outlets and the ease of travel for your guests.
Don't forget to ask about a point of contact person for the wedding day and ask if the venues are open to your ideas and flexible with vendors, and timings.If the venue doesn't offer a point of contact person you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner who can help guide you through the planning process
Once all your visits are done take time to really think about which venue fits you and the grooms needs. Be sure not to sign any papers before you are fully aware of the price(get an itemized list of all costs) and ask about cancellation fees too.
 Asking these questions will save you headache in the long run and most importantly help you make an educated decision on what venue fits you!
Finding the perfect wedding venues is an important piece of your wedding that really brings everything together. Falling in love with the venue is ok but remember to use your head too by doing plenty of research! Remember you can never ask too many questions!
Happy Hunting!
How's you venue hunt going? Have you found anything yet? Do you any questions or concerns? Leave a comment below, we love to hear your comments!

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