Monday, June 16, 2014

Someone Please Call 911- Essentials For Every Bride on Her Big Day

Picture this. It's your big day and the unthinkable happens. You spill something on your dress. In disbelief you scramble to find something to clean off your dress. Little mishaps like this can either make or break your big day. The key thing to remember is to always be prepared. This ensures your event goes off without a hitch!

With all the planning and preparation that goes into a wedding, you want to be sure to have a prevention plan too. When working with a reputable event planner/designer  you'll never need to worry about what could happen, or could I say "almost happened."

 But if your flying solo for you big day let me introduce you to what I call the Bridal Emergency Kit. Packed with wedding day essentials like tooth brushes, hairpins, breath mints, tampons and scissors this kit will have you covered! Having these necessities helps prevents small problems from becoming HUGE problems. Keep in mind the word essential is objective so take some time out to think about what you really need. For instance, if your getting your nails done you probably won't need nail polish but another item to invest in would be a nail clipper just in case you  break a nail. Small items like this really go a long way! So while you busy bee brides are planning away don't forget to pack your essentials kits for those "just in case moments."

If you need even more help there are plenty of  emergency checklists that you can print out. I love this one! If you need even more advice we are here to assist you! Contact us at our!

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