Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Creating an Amazingly Styled Wedding

Styling is something Zahara's Events & Design is known for and sometimes I have brides ask me what styling is. Yes, we can do styling for our brides and bridal party, which means we are there for them every step of the way from picking the perfect dress and shoes, up to the right hair clip.

But that’s not what our styling services typically entail.
Most of our couples want help pulling together the look of their day.  We assist with all of the details that will impact the feel and look of the space.  This includes everything from programs to lighting, linens, and centerpieces.

The process is different for each bride, sometimes they need help finding their theme and picking colors. Other times they have a very clear idea or vision but want our help adding personal touches and making sure they have a cohesive look.

Since styling is such a huge passion of ours and a major part of what we do, it will now become a featured section of the blog.  So check back for styling tips, trends, and ideas.



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    1. HI There,

      Thank for pointing this out! We will be sure to prepare a post on that as well!! Because photos tell a thousand words!